Carbonia 18th April 2020, Lu Hotel  

If you are interested in this topic or your profession exposes you to the risks associated with “burnout” in educational and school places and you want to acquire the skills to deal with them, register now for the event on Saturday 18th April. The speakers represent the reference point in this sector and the topic will be addressed from multiple points of view.

Event program
• 9.00 am Registration of participants and delivery of the conference kit
• 9.30 am Presentation and greetings
• 9.45 am 1st intervention – Dr. Vittorio Lodolo D’Oria: “From distress to stress: what is Burnout”
• 11.00 am Coffee break
• 11.30 am Debate
• 1.00 pm Lunch break
• 2.00 pm 2nd intervention – Dr. Alberto Pellai: “The fragility of growth: when children’s fatigue is a mirror and reflection of adult fatigue.”
• 4.00 pm 3rd intervention – Dr. Mara Durante: “Taking care of yourself, flourishing in the other”
• 18.00 Conclusions

Conference theme

In daily life, we are often forced to face stressful situations, especially in the workplace which, if poorly managed, can lead to chronic exhaustion and therefore in the so-called Burnout Syndrome. In 1976 Selye defined stress as “a non-specific response of the body to every request made on it”, which can lead to both positive and negative consequences.
This syndrome is a specific type of psychophysical discomfort, which mainly affects those who are engaged in activities that involve interpersonal relationships.
The conference program, therefore, will deal with knowing and understanding Burnout Syndrome as a consequence of high stress and the main interventions in terms of prevention, planning and treatment.
The conference aims to train / inform those who work every day in educational and scholastic places where the relationship implications are very noticeable and whose goal is aimed to help others.
Therefore, we will take care of knowing in detail the work stress, the history of Burnout syndrome and the main interventions and practical techniques to prevent and intervene.
Specifically, the conference aims to help train educators and teachers through the acquisition of notions about Burnout Syndrome and the various perspectives that distinguish it.
And finally, to deepen the knowledge on the attitudes to be adopted by the individual and the organization and on the methods of prevention and learning of practical interventions to deal with stress.

The Speakers

Vittorio Lodolo D’Oria, 57, is a medical specialist who he has been dealing with Professional Mental Discomfort for teachers since 1998, developing prevention, treatment and medical – legal aspects. He trains school leaders on their medical-legal duties and he holds prevention courses on the burnout syndrome and related work stress in the country’s schools. He has collaborated with several Regional School Offices and has published numerous scientific studies on occupational diseases of teachers, the first of which having a significant title: Are teachers at risk of psychiatric disorders? He collaborates with numerous magazines in the sector and is the author of three books:
School of Madness (Armando Editore-2005),
The Patient School (Alpes Italy-2009),
Mad about School (Alpes Italy-2010).
The fourth volume is being published with publisher EDISES (Burnout of teachers, the hidden truths – January 2019)

Alberto Pellai, doctor and psychotherapist of developmental age, is a researcher at the Department of Bio-Medical Sciences of the University of Milan, where he deals with prevention in developmental age. In 2004, the Ministry of Health awarded him the silver medal for public health merit.
He is the author of many bestsellers for parents, educators and children, including Tutto troppo presto; Girl R-evolution and, a Quattro mani with Barbara Tamborini; dads come from Mars, mums from Venus and The Age of the Tsunami, all edited by De Agostini.

Mara Durante is a Pedagogist, Tutor Professor of the University of Cagliari and has twenty years of experience as a trainer in courses aimed at teachers, parents, educators. She is a trainer for MIUR in in-service updating initiatives. Since 2012 she has been Scientific Director of the BaB literature festival in collaboration with the “In Coro” Association. For two years she has held the role of trainer in the courses organized by the Dessi Foundation for which she is Head of the youth section.. She is convinced that being with boys and girls means discovering oneself still capable of asking different and alienating questions, capable of emerging from the swamp of obviousness and broadening one’s vision of the world.

Participation fee

The participation fee is € 120.00 *

It is possible to pay by bank transfer or teacher card

* With the Teacher Card, the amount is increased by € 13 for box office rights of the Libreria Cossu, Via Dalmazia Carbonia




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