The “Fairytale Castle” Playroom

The “Playroom”, located at the headquarters of the Albero Amico Cooperative, is a place intentionally intended and dedicated for playing, as the founding value of the culture, training and experience of child.

It offers children from the ages 1 to 6 years (and their parents), the opportunity to freely engage in recreational activities, to find playmates, and to take advantage of the expertise of our specialized staff.

The Playroom is structured in a specially equipped room with a wide variety of games, books, toys and materials. In addition to a physical space, it is also the ideal space for freedom, imagination, fantasy and creativity.

The Playroom is a place for recreation, socialization, integration and education. Through play and animation, the “Fairytale Castle” playroom promotes the well-being and ease of children by placing the play material at the center of all projects and actions undertaken, contributing to the training and education of children, to development of autonomy and responsibility.
The “Fairytale Castle” playroom is part of the socio-cultural network and educational services in the area of reference, offering families support for parenting function, promoting opportunities to spend time playing with their children, to observe their children in a collective non-family context and to meet other parents, respecting the different educational choices of each family.
In the “Fairytale Castle” playroom, there are spaces and materials that allow the practice of symbolic and role-play games, movement games, construction games and board games. Spaces and equipment for video games and for reading will be provided, creative and / or expressive workshops and construction of toys will be organized.


The “Fairytale Castle” playroom is open every Saturday from 8.00 to 13.30 with the possibility of lunch on site (packed-lunch from home).
The activities of the “Fairytale Castle” playroom are planned and modulated based on the organizational calendar and available internal resources.

There are moments of organized play, in which all the children present will be involved in and moments of free and creative play. Games and toys can be lent as well as the books from its own mini library.

In our Playroom there are different types of activities and services:
– Manual, creative, expressive and construction workshops
– The loan of games, toys of books.
– Organization of meetings, demonstrations, events, conferences, exhibitions and seminars relating to games and toys
– Ideation and organization of thematic animations.
– Organization of games outside and in other structures / contexts.
– Documentation, information, advice regarding games and toys.
– Organization of citizenship participation initiatives.

Mandatory registration card, subject to annual renewal of € 5.

Cost of the whole morning with materials and workshops € 12.


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