Summer Camp

Summer 2020

“Treasure Island”


Summer 2020 is about to begin!!!!

The children and educators of the Albero Amico Summer Camp are ready to embark on the adventure of “Treasure Island” on Monday 22nd June which will take place this year in an “extraordinary” way but always at our headquarters in 22 Umbria St, Carbonia.

The theme chosen by the educators and entertainers to brighten and inspire these 5 weeks of outdoor activities, will be the popular book “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson. The children, in their “islands” will be divided into various competing crews and will have to earn everything necessary for their survival (i.e. food) with the currency of the Mezzana Tree hill: the highly disputed gold doubloons.

Starting off with 30 doubloons given out of generosity by the Chief Pirate, they will risk losing them if they do not carry out the services required, if they say unpleasant words, if they arrive late to their leaders’ call or if they do not keep their crew angles in order etc.
Instead, they will have the opportunity to earn additional doubloons through many other fun games, by completing their daily duties assigned to them, through many other activities and also if they perform good deeds.

The photos and videos will then show the various stages of setting up the camp and the various activities.

Once their duties are done, the children will discover their treasure in the hidden chest every Friday …

Planned Activities:

       ° Knowledge games
      ° The Crews
      ° Outdoor activities
° Super Treasure Hunt every Friday
       ° The Island games
       ° Reading of Treasure Island

Every day, we will offer your children many moments of leisure and socialization, welcoming the various needs of families.

We guarantee healthy and tasty lunches prepared in our kitchen:

Every Friday we’ll have a “Special Lunch” with many delicacies chosen directly by your children and many themed buffets and snacks.

Summer Camp Hours:

From Monday to Friday:

8.00-16.00 or 9.00-17.00

Saturday: closed

Equipment required for the Summer Camp *:

• Backpack with full change of clothes.
• Cooler bag with 2 snacks (morning and afternoon)
• Personal water bottle
• Beach towel and costume for water games

* All the equipment must be marked with the child’s name and surname.

We hope many of you will come!!!!

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