Cucciolandia Nursery


Infants area

What children do at Cucciolandia Nursery:

The Nursery School Cucciolandia was established 15 years ago in Carbonia to support families with young children aged between three months and three years. The main objectives are to support parental
responsibility and take care of the primary needs of the infants in a “family nest” environment, based on:

  • Care
  • Educational quality
  • Hospitality
  • Confidence
  • Cooperation.

At Cucciolandia nursery, (authorized * to operate by the Municipality of Carbonia “Prot. No. 22852 of 24.07.2009 Department of Social Policies – Social Services Office”), children are the protagonists of the
entire educational path that takes place through targeted and structured activities for different age groups; many significant experiences of comparison and growth will be proposed, enabling the
combination of flexibility and quality in full respect of the children’s needs.

*Parents can take advantage of the convenient Nursery Voucher with
monthly refunds from € 136.37 to € 272.72.

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All the activities carried out by the educators and external experts will allow children to integrate emotional, cognitive and motivational processes in order to develop coherent answers for a harmonious

The proposed educational model is based on guidelines that accompany and direct action under the supervision of the Didactic Coordinator
supported in the formulation of the Pedagogical Plan by  Educators who run the educational project in collaboration with Childcare Assistants, taking care of the well-being and hygiene of the children and the centre.

At Cucciolandia Nursery the first approaches used are from the Agazzi Method, which will be further developed in the “Enchanted Forest” nursery that is located on the ground floor of the same building.

Our services:

  • Weekly enrolment, customized and adjusted according to the needs of
    the children;
  • Qualified staff with a degree in Educational Science;
  • Classes divided by age and small group activities: Infants (3-12 months)
    partially weaned (12-24 months) Weaned (24 -36 months);
  • Educational-didactic programmes designed by the Coordination group;
  • Internal catering with an approved menu from ASL, personalised diets;
  • Breakfast, snacks, lunch and personal hygiene products are supplied;
  • Opening hours guaranteed all year round (August included);
  • Possibility of early entrance from 7:30 am and extended until 6:00 pm;
  • Garden activities;
  • Summer marine colony during the month of July;
  • Further didactic continuity with our Infant School “Enchanted Forest” (from 3 to 6 years of age);

Settling-in period:

It is a delicate moment and deserves the utmost attention from
parents, educators and all nursery staff. In our “Welcome Path” the first few days of attendance are dedicated to getting to know the
children and sharing important information about the organization of the nursery (activities, routines, times and spaces) with their parents, as a context for new experiences.

The children will be accompanied by mum or dad who, supported by the coordination group and class educators, will follow them in the lead up to their very first detachment. The settling-in period continues for
several days in a personalised way, according to the needs of the children and families.

Layette Set Required:

  • 1 bag containing a complete seasonal change (comfortable clothing, body vest, socks)
  • 2 large bibs with elastic,
  • 1 pair of slippers to be left in the nursery,
  • 2 bed sheets (top and bottom) according to the child’s age,
  • 1 seasonal cover,
  • 1 face towel,
  • 1 guest size towel,
  • 1 toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • nappies and intimate wipes, nappy cream if used.

Please note: Each layette must be marked with the child’s name and

Laboratories and workshops:

Librotti Cucciolotti: Animation for reading and reading aloud;
My Rainbow: Sensory colour laboratory;
Laborious Hands: Handling new materials, mixtures and decanting;
Ready to go away !!!: Little Psychomotor;
Musigiocando: Laboratory of sounds and music, nursery rhymes and songs;
Little artists: Graphic-pictorial activities.
Messy kitchen: Cooking workshop to discover new flavours, smells
and a careful choice of healthier foods.

Daily Routines:

The “routines” are regularly repeated activities and are of great
importance in the educational intent of our staff.
They constitute a series of moments that occur throughout the day in
a constant and recurring manner, characterized by care, well-being and
emotional relationships.

These routines meet the basic needs of
children (use of the bathroom, washing, eating, sleeping …) but have an
important orientation value with respect to the different situations
during the school day; they also enhance many personal, communicative,
expressive and cognitive skills.

A careful reflection on the management of these routines is extremely important, making the children the main priority, in order to collect all the
educational wealth that the children give.

Routines can be categorised in six stages:

The welcoming and goodbyes to parents

Activity time

Changing time



Parents and children reunion, end of day goodbyes to teachers

They need to be carefully studied, designed and verified by our
educational team, as the well-being of the child in the nursery also
depends on them.



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