Celebrations and Functions

Celebrations for us are emotional moments to share in order to grow together. They become an occasion to open the doors to the community (children, parents, relatives, friends and teachers), transforming these occasions into fun moments where we can rekindle our childhood memories or moments of informal relationships with families, promoting mutual understanding and collaboration among them.

Throughout the educational school year, our services for children offer various festive moments and workshops that give rise to the immense fun, the creations of symbols and typical characters, settings and scenes and, above all, recognising the traditional customs.

Our main festivities and celebrations:

  • Welcoming parties
  • Grandparents day
  • Halloween parties
  • “At school with mom and dad”
  • “Christmas stalls”
  • Christmas and Epifany festival
  • Carnival parties
  • “Fantalibriamo”
  • Father’s and Mother’s Day
  • Easter festivals
  • End of year parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Themed parties

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